About Us

ACI is currently represented in 9 countries on the continent, with a collective membership of 834 people.

• Ghana Kenya • Mauritius • Nigeria South Africa • Tanzania • Uganda
• Zambia
• Zimbabwe
The vision of ACI Africa is to be represented in all 53 countries on the continent. As African economies find themselves amongst the fastest growing in the world; financial markets have seen a burst of growth and development on the continent.

The development of the financial markets brings with it the necessity for a standardised approach to ethics and general conduct. Given ACI’s 60 year history, there exists a depth of knowledge and experience on which to draw.  The ACI model continues to become increasingly comprehensive, with the inclusion of sales, back office, audit, brokers and fund managers as members. This is a far cry from its beginnings as a traders association.  The ACI model therefore encourages the development of a robust financial market as it provides a platform for different market participants to engage in discussion and learning.

ACI views education as an important aspect of growing its members. It offers the Dealing Certificate, Operation Certificate or Diploma and the Model Code Certificate. The ACI Dealing Certificate is fast becoming a pre-requisite for entrants to the financial markets. The global recognition of ACI certification means that financial market participants gain increasing confidence in the professionalism of their peers.